The quality and storage method of medical mask packaging bags

Release time£º2020/8/17

Speaking of medicinal aluminum foil bags, many people don¡¯t know what it is.

1. Function

Medicinal aluminum foil bags are mainly used for the packaging of medicines, which are not used by ordinary households. It can protect the quality of the medicine, make the medicine not easy to be oxidized and deteriorated, and improve the stability of the medicine.

2. Quality standards

The Health Bureau has strict requirements on the quality of medicinal aluminum foil bags, and the appearance of the surface must be kept clean, smooth and evenly painted. The above text and pattern printing must be correct, clear and firm. Medical aluminum foil bags should not have dense and continuous pinholes. At the same time, there should be no obvious color difference between different batches of medical aluminum foil. If the color difference is obvious, it will be considered as a substandard product.

3, storage requirements

The storage of aluminum foil bags for medical masks is also required. Its inner packaging must be low-density polyethylene bags. During storage, attention should be paid to the clean and ventilated storage area, and attention should be paid to the moisture-proof, moisture-proof, and sun-proof of the medical aluminum foil. Need to prevent mildew and dust. Especially remember that medical aluminum foil has a soft texture and cannot withstand heavy pressure. In order to better maintain its longevity, you must remember these requirements when using it! Medicinal aluminum foil bags are not common in people's lives. The staff in the hospital know better than ordinary people. In order to maintain the reliability of medicines, Medical aluminum foil cannot be cut corners.

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