How to distinguish the inside and outside of the white disposable mask?

Release time£º2020/8/20

There are many colors of disposable masks. Blue is the most common. In addition to blue, white and pink are also common. Regardless of the color of the mask, the protective effect is the same. Be sure to choose a package with the words "Medical Surgical Mask" when purchasing.

How to distinguish the inside and outside of disposable masks? Prevent the mistake of wearing a mask

Non-white disposable masks are very easy to distinguish, with the lighter side facing in and the darker side facing out.

Pure white disposable masks, because the front color is the same, so when we wear them, look at the thread on the outer wall of the mask. The wired head should face outwards, and the wireless head can be worn inward.

Some pure white disposable masks are designed with metal strips, which are more suitable for people who wear glasses. The user can distinguish the front and back by observing the metal strip, and the side of the metal strip facing outward is the front of the mask.

For masks with creases, the side with the creases facing down is the front side of the mask, the side with the creases facing down is the front side of the mask, the side with the creases facing up is the back side of the mask, and the back side is worn inwards. All colors are applicable.

There is another way to correctly distinguish the front and back of wearing a white mask: touch the mask with your hands, the front of the mask feels smoother, the back of the mask is rough to the touch, and the rough back is worn tightly against your mouth.

When designing masks, the smooth surface generally adopts a waterproof design, while the rough surface pays more attention to ventilation. Because when wearing a mask, you must pay attention to the front and back, otherwise it will cause discomfort, such as fogging the glasses.

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