How fast is the treadmill to lose weight?

Release time£º2020/8/24

1. What is the speed of the treadmill to lose weight

7.5~8km/h is enough. Generally, when a girl is running on a treadmill, the speed of 8km/h is fine. Of course, some people think that this is a bit fast. It can also be adjusted to 7.5km/h. It can be between these two speeds. Of course, this It is the speed when jogging at a constant speed. We can generally prepare for 40 minutes before running. First, we warm up with a brisk walk for 5 minutes, then jog at a constant speed for 30 minutes, and then continue walking for 5 minutes after the end. This speed arrangement is more in line with the physical strength and structure of the human body.

2. Variable speed running is better for burning fat

The speed mentioned above is the speed when jogging with a constant speed disc, but we can generally choose variable speed running in order to reduce fat faster and more effectively. Variable speed running is actually divided into several stages. First, we need to warm up with an 8-minute brisk walk, and then start variable speed running. Variable speed running is variable speed every minute. In one minute, the first 30 seconds are 7.5 km/h and the middle 20 seconds 11 km. /h, the fastest is 14 km/h in the last 10 seconds. This cycle lasts for 30 minutes. After stopping, you can walk slowly for a few minutes. The fat burning effect of this variable speed running is very good.

3. Precautions for weight loss on treadmill

3.1. Warm up before getting on the treadmill. You should warm up before getting on the treadmill, otherwise it will easily cause muscle strain on the thigh and calf. Pressing legs, squatting, stretching muscles, flexion and extension of joints, etc. can increase the temperature of the muscles and make the muscles softer. After getting on the treadmill, you should start with "dynamic" warm-ups such as slow walking and jogging, and gradually increase the amount of exercise. This process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. In addition, when getting off the treadmill, you should also gradually slow down to avoid dizziness and fall.

3.2. Don't set the speed too fast. To use a treadmill, you must first understand your exercise limits. If the physical strength can't keep up and the set speed is fast, it is easy to fall.

3.3. The amount of exercise should be appropriate. The time and intensity of exercise on the treadmill should be determined according to the purpose of exercise. If the goal is to lose weight, exercise time should not be too short or too long, 40 minutes is appropriate, otherwise it is easy to overdraw.

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