In fact, masks are not as protective as possible

Release time£º2020/8/4

With dry weather and increased particulate matter in the air, many people choose to wear masks when they go out. However, in the face of anti-smog, anti-dust, anti-bacterial masks, how should consumers choose? A few days ago, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that from November 1 this year, the mask market has a wide range of quality and uneven quality. China¡¯s first national standard for protective masks for civilian use-"Technical Specifications for Daily Protective Masks" was officially implemented. Consumers can buy masks in accordance with the standards in the future.
In the haze weather, many consumers like to use 3M masks with better protection.

"Anti-haze" masks vary in quality

The reporter searched on multiple e-commerce platforms and found that there are many types of masks, including disposable non-woven masks, gauze masks, and many anti-haze masks that are rated to resist PM2.5. The reporter found that as long as the package is marked with anti-smog words, the price will be much more expensive than ordinary masks. In a high-selling online shop, the reporter saw 50 disposable masks in a box, priced at 8.8 yuan, and the unit price was only 0.18 yuan. The price of three packs of "disposable dust-proof and haze PM2.5 masks" is 19.9 yuan, and the price of one is 6.6 yuan, which is more than 30 times the price of the former.

Masks with different functions have different main technical indicators in addition to the price disparity. The reporter noticed that some of the masks sold on the Internet comply with the "Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filter Type Anti-Particulate Respirator" industrial mask standard, and some comply with the "Medical Protective Mask Technical Requirements" and "Medical Surgical Mask" medical product standards. There are also some mask manufacturers that implement the production standards of European and American countries, and some even do not mark the production standards used at all.
According to the responses of consumers, it can be seen that most consumers can only judge the dust-proof, haze-proof and PM2.5 effect of masks based on the feeling of use. Buyers are not very clear about how effective they are. .

The reporter learned that although many masks will be marked with "filtration efficiency" in a prominent position on the packaging, there have been media reports that relevant departments have tested masks that claim to have a "removal rate of more than 90%", and the actual removal rate is only 30% to 40%. %. According to the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau¡¯s disclosure in March this year, testing of 69 batches of samples from Shanghai¡¯s production companies, physical sales stores and online stores found that the low filtration efficiency of 54 batches of masks was less than 90%, and that of 28 batches Masks contain carcinogen formaldehyde.

Special standards for civilian masks released

In the haze weather, most consumers buy masks in the hope that they can prevent dust and haze and reduce the inhalation of PM2.5. However, the masks used in daily life of the people are produced with reference to industrial or medical standards, which obviously do not meet the requirements. Self-demand, coupled with the confusion of the mask market logo, and the absence of a unified judgment standard, have identified problems for consumers.
In response to this, in March last year, the Jiangsu Special Defense Center and the China Textile Industry Association organized a standard project discussion meeting, and subsequently participated in the establishment of my country's first national standard for civilian protective masks. On November 1 this year, my country's first national standard for civil protective masks-"Technical Specifications for Daily Protective Masks" was officially implemented. The standard judges products from three aspects: safety, hygiene and protection. At the same time, it has strict regulations on the packaging, labeling, storage and transportation of masks. It requires the label to include "product protection effect level" and "implementation standard number", etc. content.

It is understood that the new regulations divide the protection level of masks into four levels from low to high according to different air quality: D, C, B, and A. For example, Class D masks are suitable for moderate and below air pollution, when the PM2.5 concentration is ¡Ü150 micrograms per cubic meter; on the contrary, Class A masks are suitable for severe air pollution, when the PM2.5 concentration reaches 500 micrograms per cubic meter. use. At the same time, the protective effects of masks are also different, from D to A, the protective effects are not less than 65%, 75%, 85%, and 90% respectively. According to the requirements of the national standard, after consumers choose a suitable protective mask to wear according to the standard, the inhaled air quality index must be above good.
How to buy masks under the new national standard
Compared with the previous national standard for masks, the new national standard faces ordinary people except children and infants. So, with the norms of daily protective masks, many people want to know how to choose masks.
Is it necessary to choose a high-level mask? In this regard, Zhao Jinyu, a senior engineer of the Science and Technology Development Department of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association, pointed out that in terms of the characteristics of the mask itself, the mask of the same brand will be more comfortable with the improvement of its protective performance. Sex will also decrease. "If the breathing resistance is too large, chest tightness and dizziness will not be ruled out," she said. Therefore, according to the weather and your own conditions, you should wear masks with corresponding protective effects and do appropriate protection.
In addition to special anti-smog masks, there are also cotton masks and disposable medical masks on the market. Experts say that pure cotton and gauze masks have little effect on PM2.5 filtration. What really plays a filtering role is the filter layer formed by the non-woven fabric or other corresponding filter materials in the mask.
When it comes to breathing valves installed on some masks, experts said that breathing valves have a certain effect on relieving breathing resistance. Of course, regardless of whether there is a breathing valve on the mask, as long as it conforms to the "Specifications", it is all right.
In addition, when consumers choose masks, try them on and try to choose a mask that suits their face shape. If they don¡¯t fit well or if they experience chest tightness, poor breathing, dizziness, etc., they should not buy it. When wearing, the mask should fit closely to the face so that external air will not leak in, but it should not be too tight. It is necessary to ensure that the person wearing the mask can breathe normally.

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