Food production plants do not use disposable gloves as required to cause great harm

Release time£º2020/8/5

In order to ensure product hygiene and protect employee safety, employees of food production plants are required to wear disposable gloves. This is a measure of standardized management of employees, but the actual situation is that even if the factory has equipped employees with gloves, various health and safety issues are still frequent. The main reason is the irregular use of gloves by employees.

Common glove use irregularities

1. In the food packaging workshop, employees' gloves should not be replaced if they are damaged. In the process of food packaging, large-scale equipment is often used for assembly line operations. On the one hand, broken gloves cannot provide good protection and cannot resist cutting and cutting injuries; on the other hand, broken gloves are easily mixed into food packaging boxes. China flows into the market, causing food safety incidents.

2. Disposable gloves that have been opened are not stored as required. Gloves should be stored in a clean, hygienic, cool and ventilated environment to avoid contamination and prevent accelerated aging. However, many employees pile up gloves with personal belongings, snacks and other sundries, which cannot guarantee food hygiene at all.

3. Discarded gloves are not recycled and managed, and employees throw them away. Discarded disposable gloves often appear in employees' work clothes, cleaning equipment storage areas, and under equipment and equipment. It not only damages the clean environment of the workshop, but also is not conducive to the recycling management of waste gloves.

Regulating the use of disposable gloves requires attention

In the process of food processing, the irregular use of disposable gloves will cause greater food safety and sanitation problems, and will not provide the employees with the necessary protection.

Food safety is related to everyone's health and must be paid attention to by all sectors of society. There are relevant provisions in the laws and regulations promulgated by our country: China¡¯s food safety rules and regulations clearly indicate that hands should be cleaned and disinfected before wearing gloves; gloves should be clean, undamaged, and meet food safety requirements; gloves should be replaced regularly during use Gloves, and wash your hands again before replacing gloves; gloves should be stored in a clean and hygienic place to avoid contamination.

In addition to formulating corresponding rules and regulations, government departments should also strengthen supervision and regularly visit food processing plants to inspect specifications; the person in charge of the factory should also do a good job in employee training and publicity, and raise employees¡¯ awareness of standardizing the use of disposable gloves. The management of the use and recycling of gloves by employees; all sectors of society must also play a role of public opinion supervision and expose food processing plants that do not meet the requirements.

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