How to maintain physical and mental health during the new crown epidemic

Release time£º2020/9/1

  The epidemic has made many people unable to work and live normally. There are eye-catching news broadcasts every day. When these news floods into the field of vision, anxiety, depression, sympathy, and panic are overwhelming. Negative emotions that gradually accumulate. So, in the face of such a special period, how to maintain physical and mental health and live a peaceful life?

1. Regular work and rest

The bedroom environment should be quiet and comfortable, with suitable light and temperature, and try not to put mobile phones and alarm clocks on the bedside to avoid repeated viewing and affecting falling asleep. Keep a regular schedule, get up at the same time every day, avoid turning on the lights to sleep, drinking to help sleep, and not sleeping at night to make up for the day.

2, pay attention 1 hour before going to bed

Do not do mental work that can easily cause excitement, or watch books and movies and TV programs that can easily cause excitement. You can choose to listen to soothing music, combined with appropriate breathing or muscle relaxation training.
Try to avoid viewing information related to the epidemic, and avoid insomnia caused by tension, fear and other bad emotions before going to bed.

3. The rhythm of life

Maintain a normal life pattern. Even if you live at home, you must maintain a good life rhythm and habits, which is conducive to strengthening your resistance. Keep in touch with familiar friends, see the beauty of life with the help of interaction with relatives and friends, and divert excessive attention to epidemic information.

4. Stay alert

Take protective measures, and take precautions when going out at home. Monitor body temperature, wash hands frequently, detect symptoms, understand your own physical condition, and seek medical professional support in time if there is any abnormality.

5. Avoid excessive tension
If you take proper precautions, you don¡¯t have to pay too much attention to the epidemic, listen to music, take deep breaths, try meditation training, etc., relax your body and mind, let your mentality slowly stabilize, and reduce unnecessary worries and worries.

6. Look for something meaningful
Focus on more positive and meaningful things. Devote yourself to the important work at the moment, looking for fun and meaning from concentration. During the life and work plan during the epidemic, master more knowledge of health science, improve one's knowledge, and absorb more positive energy. The source of the article is reprinted by Jihoo Medical, please indicate!

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